About Vartha Bharti

Vartha Bharati (VB) - The eminent Media House

The Media House, Vartha Bharati (VB), emerged in the world of Media in 2003, following the advent of the new millennium. It was an almost unnoticed, silent entry. However, the distinct mission of this Media house, its sensitive approach and its remarkably clear and distinct stand on  various issues, very soon made its presence felt in the market. Gradually, VB got identified as the alternative player in the Media landscape of Karnataka.

Vartha Bharati is well known for its straightforward policies and its unparalleled commitment to promoting truth and justice. VB has always  refused to play into the hands of any individual, political party, organisation, business house or pressure group. Vartha Bharati has consistently proved to be the Media House of the people and it has always effectively represented all the unrepresented segments of the society. It is known for its clear, fair and courageous stand on various issues.

The attractive page design of VB, its simple language and honest commitment to value-based journalism, have contributed to its immense    popularity.


Print Editions:

Every morning, a huge community of loyal readers, enjoys reading Vartha Bharati through one of its three Print Editions :

  • Mangalore Edition - Launched 2003,
  • Bangalore Edition - Launched 2007,
  • Shimoga Edition - Launched 2018

Many more read Vartha Bharati every day, several times through its E-paper or other digital editions.

Digital Editions and Apps:

Acknowledging the changing times and the emerging trends in the young generation, Vartha Bharati launched a series of digital editions,        easily accessible from any part of the globe.
VB E-paper Launched - 2010,

VB Kannada Newsportal Launched - 2016 

VB English Newsportal Launched - 2018

VB iOS Mobile App Launched - 2018 VB Android Mobile App Launched - 2018

Social Media Platforms:

Vartha Bharati, has always actively interacted with its readers, viewers and listeners through various Social Media platforms such as    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Share Chat etc. Over the years, these platforms have helped VB multiply its reach by many folds.

High Tech Studios in Mangalore and Bangalore

Vartha Bharati, launched its own High-tech Studios both at Mangalore and Bangalore in 2021.Both these studios are equipped with advanced Audio and Video recording and editing facilities

Messaging Apps:

Thanks to Whatsapp, Telegram and such other international messaging platforms, Vartha Bharati has established a well-knit global network      of its consumers through these platforms.

VB news, features, bulletins and notifications are delivered to a massive community of VB readersand VB viewers across the globe, through these platforms, several times every hour.

That is how VB keeps them well-informed and initiates healthy debates and discussions among them on truly relevant topics.

Video and Audio Platforms:

Responding to the growing demand for multimedia content, Vartha Bharati has ensured a strong presence on video and audio platforms. VB operates a YouTube channel and a Facebook page where viewers can find a diverse range of programs, including news and analysis,    debates, exclusive interviews, ground reports, fact checks, special stories and inspiring intro of outstanding achievers. Besides, audio        content produced by VB is available on platforms such as Spotify.

Growing Popularity:

Over the years, Vartha Bharati has witnessed rapid growth and remarkable rise in its popularity. It has consolidated its position as one of the leading media houses in the state and VB has emerged as one of the top Kannada daily newspapers in Karnataka. VB's unwavering      commitment to uphold the highest values of journalism has won the trust and appreciation of a huge community of readers and viewers.

Digital Reach and Engagement:

The kind of rapid progress witnessed in Vartha Bharati's digital platforms in terms of engagement, reach, interaction, subscription and ranking have been remarkable.

VB Kannada news portal has already emerged as one of the leading destinations for Kannada news seekers. It attracts quite a large number of unique visitors every day. VB Kannada news portal is particularly popular among the globalKannadiga diaspora. Most of the access VB from outside India. VB Facebook page has over 7.8 Lakh followers today. It is the No.1 page among all the leading Kannada dailies in terms of interaction and engagement.

Vartha Bharati YouTube channel has already emerged as one of the most prominent video destinations among major ಕನ್ನಡ Newspapers. It has attracted over 5 Crore views and 2.5 Lakh plus subscribers.

With its unwavering dedication to journalism, Vartha Bharati informs, educates and empowers the masses every day. It is growing in  prominence with every passing day.


These days, editorials of any newspaper hardly draw any attention. However, the editorials of Vartha Bharati have always won great admiration from the masses and get widely debated in political and academic circles. It’s clear and critical stand on many important issues has brought great popularity to VB. Stalwarts of Kannada literature such as Dr. U.R.Ananthmurthy have acclaimed VB editorials as the best ever in Kannada media.

Some selected editorials of Vartha Bharati have been published in book form under the title 'Sampadakiya'.

Columns and articles by prominent writers:

Vartha Bharati collaborates with many prominent writers, literary figures, and academicians of the country. They contribute their expertise and insights to the consumers of VB through their columns, articles, presentations, interviews etc.

Many such outstanding individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to VB and its consumers. They enrich the content of VB with their insights and perspectives.

Articles and Guest Editorials penned by these eminent personalities have a significant social impact. They have often sparked hot debates and discussions within political and social circles and sometimes in the state legislative Assembly and Council too. Their contributions play a crucial role in shaping public opinion and fostering a deeper understanding of key issues. Vartha Bharati works as a platform that delivers these influential voices to all the places where they need to be heard.


Vartha Bharati has won the world-renowned 'Transparency International Award' for the year 2009. BhoomiGeethe, a collection of popular columns published in VB and written by eminent environmentalist Dr. T.S. Vivekananda has won Karnataka Sahithya Academy Award for the year 2005.

Besides, many individual reporters of Vartha Bharati have won awards for their special stories.